Byers Bends It For Barbuda At Gold Cup

Nicknamed the Benna Boys due to the unique music of the region, the Antigua and Barbuda national soccer team has had quite an impact in its corner of the world. From its founding in 1928 to the first international matches in 1972 to an exciting World Cup qualifying run in 2012, the team has given its fans numerous thrills over the years with its spirited play and never-say-die attitude. Playing home matches at Sir Vivian Richards Stadium, the team’s fans are some of the best, being both very knowledgeable and passionate about the team’s performance. Led

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Wadadis Crack Top 100 For First Time

Now is a great time to be a fan of the Antigua and Barbuda national soccer team! For the first time in the history of the small island nation, the beloved soccer team has cracked the top 100 in the Fdration Internationale de Football Association rankings. This is truly a historic time for the Wadadis and it has energized the small nation and caused them to rally around their club as they take on the other nations in the Caribbean and

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Antigua & Barbuda Reach the Semifinals

Some say it was all thanks to Kerry Skepple, whose career abroad spanned brief stints at Indiana Wesleyan and the Finnish second division before making that winning goal on the Haitian team. Others say it was Antigua & Barbuda’s intense dedication and hot little rivalry with the Haitian elite that drove them to victory. Whatever the case, a single goal won Antigua & Barbuda a victory over the favored team from Haiti and brought them into the semifinals of the World Cup 2014 – history was made.

Antigua & Barbuda had never reached the semifinals, but after a long history of trials and tribulations it looks like this island nation of over 89,000 inhabitants will finally get the representation it deserves. Unfortunately, the battle has just begun. Grouped together with the United States, Jamaica and Guatamala – Antigua & Barbuda will need the help of all their top players and the finely-tuned coaching skills of Englishman Tom Curtis if they hope to climb to the top of the competition.

While soccer has never been as popular in the United States as with the countries in Europe, you can bet that avid fans along the west coast will have their direct tv california television services cued and ready for the excitement yet to come.

Antigua And Barbuda Look To Steal Caribbean Cup

After a strong showing in the early playoff rounds, the young Antigua And Barbuda team is looking for a victory in their next matchup, and hopefully looking to take the title in the Caribbean Cup game. With a strong performance by their young offense, strong backup defensive play, and the goalie only allowing a couple goals throughout the championships, the team is looking stronger than ever. Not only is the team looking forward to a title, but fans are also hoping the team can pull it off in the next few

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Barracudas To Swim With Big Fish In USL Pro

Antigua Barracuda is a recently formed professional soccer team established in St. John’s, Antigua and Barbuda. The team was created in 2010 and plays in the American division of the USL Professional Division (USL Pro). The USL Professional Division is the third level soccer league of the United States Soccer Federation. The team was originally supposed to join the USL Pro in 2011, but ended up becoming founding members of the brand new division in 2010. In late 2010, it was announced that the club will join the USL first division.Didn-t catch that? This explains it. The club

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Wadadi Boyz Dance Their Way To Victory

After a couple key victories, the Antigua and Barbuda national soccer team is looking to step up their play, in hopes of making it to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. The team has picked up a couple of friendly victories over the past few months, but just recently, as World Cup qualifying games have begun, the team is hoping to keep up their solid performance, in order to make it to Brazil, and try to make a name for their country during the Cup. Although the team has

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Can Curtis Make Antigua And Barbuda A CONCACAf Power?

After recently joining Antigua and Barbuda as the head coach, Tom Curtis hopes to turn the team’s agme around, and really give fans something to watch for in the CONCACAF league. Hoping to turn around from an upsetting elimination in the early rounds last year, the team hired Curtis on board, hoping to give players a boost, as the well known, and one of the most well known coaches in the league took over. After leading previous teams to many cup games, Tom Curtis has high hopes for Antigua, and is hoping that he can bring the team together,

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